Air Purification

The Air You Breathe

Did you know the air inside your home could be up to 100 times more polluted than the air outside? It’s true. The air we breathe in our homes is loaded with pollutants like pollen, lung-damaging dust, pet hair, dander, dust mites, mold spores, bacteria and viruses. No wonder the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency lists indoor air quality as one of the top five environmental risks to public health today. And if you think your standard 1″ throwaway furnace filter is doing the job to create good air quality in Georgia, you couldn’t be more wrong – typical 1″ filters only trap about 5-15% of airborne particulates. With homes being built and remodeled to be more insulated and air-tight than ever, they are becoming virtually draft-free. And while these changes are making homes more energy efficient, they are also creating a number of filtration problems. Particulates and pollutants become trapped and eventually build up inside your home, settling on countertops, floors and other surfaces. And with a standard throwaway furnace filter, only a small percentage of airborne pollutants are captured, with the majority of pollutants and particles being carried and re-circulated throughout your house via your air ducts and vents. Air Conditioning Services have solutions that can help improve the air quality of your home. Schedule a free estimate of your homes air purification needs today! 770-532-0731

Chart from the Center for Disease Control Showing What is in Our Air.

air purification


Particulates 35% (Dirt, Dust, Pollen   Spores)

Solution:  Capture with High Efficiency Filters With the April ire High Efficiency Electronic Air Cleaner



Bio-aerosols 34% (Micro Organisms, Mold, Bacteria, Virus, Fungus)

Solution: Sterilized with UV Cleanser


Volatile Organic Compounds 31%(Chemical Gases, Solvents, Glues, Odor Causing Contaminates)

Solution:  Neutralize UV Cleanser

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